Rambling Thoughts

Thinking Ahead, And Back

I was thinking about the coming months with a new baby on the way. I’ve been thinking back to when CDF was pregnant with MD and how that was. The first thing that comes to mind is all the doctor visits that we had. Then all the evenings we spent together, often with me giving CDF a massage (foot or back) while we talked, or read a book together (often a pregnancy/what-to-expect book).

Then I was looking around on the Pregnancy magazine website and an interesting article on the front page jumped out at me, Pregnancy Magazine – The Last Big Hurrah, about taking a “babymoon” with your spouse before the baby arrives. First on the list was Mexico, so I think this is right up my alley. For about $1,300, she and I could spend a week in Manzanillo Mexico in a Garden Suite at the Karmina Palace. They also suggest Hersey, PA, which would be more appealing to my wife.