Stories from VBS

This year MD is going to Vacation Bible School at a nearby church again. She has been looking forward to it all spring and she was quite disappointed to learn that it would last less than a whole week.

CE didn’t know much about it, apparently, but when we got to the church on Sunday for the first night she wanted to stay with her sister. CDF volunteered to stay and help so I had to take CE home. She started crying as soon as she realized that we were heading toward the car, and cried all the way home.

I didn’t want to spend the next two hours listening to her cry, so I had to find a way to cheer her up. I decided to try the sprinkler since it was still close to 100 degrees outside and that would be a nice way to cool off some. It worked, she was happy to play in the water, although I ended up turning the pressure down until it was more like a small fountain since she really only wanted to get her feet wet.

During supper she “talked” about going back to find her sister and she was pretty excited to go back to the church. As we walked inside, some ladies said, “Hi, how are you,” and to my surprise CE responded with, “Hi… good.”

We found CDF, had a snack, and CE was finally really happy.

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