Around the House

Sprinkler Sunday

This past Sunday, when MDF woke up from her nap, we got out the
sprinkler so she could play in the water. I helped her put on her new
princess bathing suit and we went outside.

It was almost 85 degrees, so it was nice and warm — good weather for
playing in the water. MDF had a ball. She especially liked to
let the water spray her tummy and often tried to sit on the spray as
well. I played with her some, but she mostly danced and played by her

CDF came out and sat on the front porch to watch. She had the
camera and took pictures too. When MDF started getting tired of
playing, CDF suggested we go get some ice cream at Holland’s
Shelter restaurant. Looking at the time we decided to eat supper a
little early and go afterwards, so we wouldn’t spoil MDF’s