Little Lady

CDF sent this email this morning:

This morning, I have an OB appointment & MDF will be going with
me. I dressed her in the shirt & skirt—she added the rest & came into
the bathroom while I was putting my make-up on to tell me she was ready
to go!

Last night, she got into her scraf, hat, glove drawer & found the
Strawberry Shortcake hat from her 1st birthday party. As you can tell,
it still fits her. She has lost the other glove somewhere, but she
enjoys scraves around her neck & she plays dress up with them. The
suitcase is my old suitcase when I was a little girl. She loves
carrying that suitcase around. It has packing peanunts in it that she
calls her clothes. She got the “clothes” from Beanie (my mom). This is
currently her new “toy”.

I don’t know what I’ll do about the get up actually making it to the OB
appointment. I’d hate to have to fight her not to wear it….but I also
don’t really want her to. Dressing up in the house & going out around
the house is fine. But going out in public???!! She did one day with
[jModule] & myself. We had to stop at the grocery store for something & she
was all “decked” out in one of her scraves & something else & he let her
out of the van dressed up!! I was so embarrassed!!! We’ll see how she
does today.


Dressed up as a little lady.