Riverfest 2006

Yesterday afternoon we went to riverfront in Wilmington for the annual Riverfest. We had decided not to go, but then at church we learned that Lauren Moore was going to be dancing. So we rushed home, ate a quick lunch, and headed back to Wilmington.


MDF watching the dancing.

We got there a little bit earlier than when Lauren was scheduled to dance, but we sat on the bleachers at the stage outside the Cotton Exchange and watched the girls dancing. MDF appeared to be enthralled by what the were doing. She didn’t say much, but she kept her eyes on the dancers. The dances were a mix of clogging/tap and modern dance numbers.

Lauren and her friend waiting their turn.

On a different subject, CEF has not been sleeping well the past few days. She cries like her stomach hurts, and we’ve wondered if it’s constipation, cholic, or something else. Last night I let her sleep in her car seat since it holds her head up in a position that seems comfortable. That seems to help, and she slept between 2 and 5 hours at a time that way.