More Words

MDF’s vocabulary is growing daily. Yesterday she started saying alagator, not correctly, but it started out as “aaagh,” and eventually ended up as something with more syllables that sounded closer.

Other words she can say are (in no special order): Mama, Dada, Dixie, dog, kitty, ball, eye, hair (?), down, out, bird, more, and uh oh. She also can sign some words, such as more, dog, bird, and fish. Now all of these often require the fine tuned hearing of a parent, 😉 but many of them are quite clear.

This past Sunday, Ruth came to church with Galina (who was playing the piano) and she was very ticked by the things MDF said. During the first half of the service she sat with MDF, and while I was walking up to take offering MDF saw me and said, “Dada!” Ruth thought it was very funny.