MDF Swallowed a Pin

This was quite unexpected. CEF has made a reputation for herself that she’ll put anything in her mouth, but MDF should be over that by now. But yesterday, after nap time, she told CDF that she had swallowed a safety pin. At first CDF didn’t believe her, then when she couldn’t find the pin, and when MDF said again, “I told you, I swallowed it,” she decided to call the doctor.

Since our van was in the shop and she couldn’t drive to Wilmington to see our regular doctor, they told her to take MDF to the ER at Pender Memorial down the street to have an X-Ray taken.

Sure enough, the X-Ray showed the safety pin in MDF’s stomach. The doctor said it should pass through without any problem, but if she starts throwing up or having pain, then we’ll need to take her to the specialists in Chapel Hill. We’re praying that doesn’t happen.