Around the House

Long Weekend

It was nice to have a long weekend with the Fourth of July on Monday. In between doing this and that, we got a swing set put up for MDF. CDF’s parents split the purchase price with us, and we picked it up on Saturday. I spent that afternoon with CDF putting it togther, and had the swings up by the evening. Sunday afternoon I put up the slide. I still have the glider to finish putting together, but the main stuff is done.


Helping Dad put up the new swing set.

MDF enjoying her new swing set.

Then among other things, CDF and I went to Moore Buick to see if we could find something to replace the Grand Am. It wasn’t holding up like I expect a car too, little things have started breaking and it’s past it’s 60,000-mile warranty period. So we went to the dealership with a firm resolve not to get anything if we couldn’t have the same monthly payment or lower. We didn’t find anything in our price range at first, but decided to look at a Mitsubishi Lancer and a Saturn Ion. Both were about the same size, but the Lancer felt and responded better, it had more room, and even though it was a manual transmission, it was the better car. So by the afternoon, we had traded the Grand Am for the Lancer and ended up with a payment ~40 less than before.


The new Lancer.