Growing Up

It is amazing, and scary, to watch our little girl grow up. In the past week or two she has suddenly started picking up words and phrases that we say right away. Before it could take a while before she would start saying something. Now it’s almost immediate.

For example, yesterday we went to Dover Mortgage to sign paperwork. The lady who was doing our paperwork, Mrs. Connie, stepped out to make some photocopies. CDF told MDF that Mrs. Connie would be right back. MDF thought about it for a moment and then said, “Connie, where are you… Connie, where are you?” We we both stunned and started laughing.

Every day she’s more able to respond to our questions. Unfortunately along with that comes, “no!” But we’ll have to deal with that as time goes by.

Another thing I’ve notice is that she’s testing consiquences, maybe looking for cause and effect. I told her not to touch the dirty spoons in the dishwasher. She said, “touch,” and touched them again. Then she said, “spank,” and I agreed, yes she did need a spanking and popped her hand. She gave me a look that seem to say, “yup, that’s what’s supposed to happen,” so I pretty sure she’s testing us, finding out what she can and cannot do.