Rambling Thoughts

Fall Season Again

For Labor Day CDF and I had family and friends over for a hot dog cookout. I cooked hotdogs and the others brought sides and desserts. We started about 5:00 PM and the last to leave — Dom, Amber, Heidi, and her roommate Brandy — were out by 8:00 PM.

It was a beautiful day, mostly sunny during the morning with a few clouds in the afternoon, and it was nice and cool. The temperature has gone down to the 60’s and 70’s lately and it’s been very nice outside. It was just a nice day to be outside.

We had spent the morning doing yard work. I finished up trimming the grass around the yard, and then worked on getting rid of one of the holly bushes on the side of the house. CDF weeded the flower beds and raked pine needles. Finally MDF helped me take the grass clippings to the back of the dog pen. We fill the recycling crate with handfuls of grass and then I carry them back to dump it. MDF does a really good job helping me with that.