Even though we thought we were ready for it MDF still surprises us when she does something new.

First from CDF:

On our way to the Lion Store this morning, she had her plant [watering can] up to her ear talking to Mary, Mother Goose, & Humpty Dumpty. She was so CUTE!! She would say “Hi Humpty Dumpty, can I call you back? Good Gracious.” over & over again. Adorable! I just listened & smiled.

I am letting MDF run around the house with no diaper. She went to the big girl potty & tinkled & then got in the tub to play…she’s been in there for a while now & runs out occassionally…I think she’s come out twice! Which is fine.

Then this afternoon at nap time CDF woke to a tapping noise coming from MDF’s room. Then she heard MDF saying, “Come in Momma, I’m at the door. Come in. I climbed down.” So she opened MDF’s door and found her standing at the radio. MDF had taken everything out of her crib and then climbed out. She tried putting her back to be and told her not to climb out, but that didn’t help this time. Next time we’ll have to make sure she knows we mean business (or so we’re told). CDF also wants to get a twin-sized mattress in place of the crib so MDF won’t get hurt or stuck trying to climb out.