Down the Dirt Road

Last weekend (June 18 to be exact), I stopped by Matt’s new place on Highway 258. It’s a small trailer park situated just off the main road, and beside a dirt road that apparently lead into the woods (more on that in a moment). He’s living with his dad in a trailer now, number 4 I think. It’s next to last on the gravel driveway. The trailer is an average single-wide, but what was interesting is the land it’s on. Well it was interesting to us anyway. One of the objectives that day was to explore down the dirt road that borders the trailer park on one side. Matt had never been down it, though Dom and Pop had driven down it, mistakenly thinking it led to the trailers.


The road to nowhere.

Once you get away from the highway, the road is quiet, and you get a nice “in the woods” feeling. The trees on either side shade the road, which was nice since it was hot enough that day. As you go further down the road is bordered by ditches, one side deeper than the other. Matt tried his hand (foot?) at jumping the shallow one on the way back.


Jumping ditches for old times sake.

A ways down the road opens up again, and there are at least two side roads where they’ve put more trailers (and maybe modular homes), though not quite like a trailer park. One road said “Keep Out,” so we stopped there and turned around. We met a few people driving down the road, but they went slow and were polite enough to wave.


On the expedition.

After being attacked by deer flies we decided not to dawdle and headed back to his trailer for respite.