Crazy Cat

CDF sent me this earlier…

For some reason our crazy cat, Cali, decided to climb onto a fence near our house & jump onto the roof our house. She seems quite content up there…which is good, as I do not have a ladder to get her down, nor am I calling the Fire Dept to come & get her down.

[Our] friends that rescued [jModule] from a tree to get said cat, currently live in [Africa]. I’m not sure where their ladder is. We should have offered to keep it in storage for them while they are overseas!

I hope I was able to give you a laugh for the day!


Walking the Roof

Taking it all in

In an Emergency

Today CDF sent me an instant message:

[I had] to chuckle. As CE was waiting for her snack, said, I can call 9-1-1. Where’s the 9?” MD shows her on the phone–CE then says, “Where’s the 1? You call 9-1-1 for an emergency. That’s what my teacher says.” She knows what to call–but not how to call it!! Hope I never need her to call due to an emergency!

Enjoying all Kinds of Weather

Last weekend we were still watching the water drain away. The heavy rains pushed in by tropical storm Nicole had brought more rain to our area than we had seen for a while. On a positive note, it ended the drought we were going through. Not so positive was the flooding that closed a lot of roads in our area.

We did try to get out and enjoy stomping in puddles. Other than on Tuesday when it was too windy, we put on boots and got our umbrellas and headed out.


Fancy Umbrellas

Happy Cat

Sometimes the cat picks a sleeping spot and none of use can quite understand her train of thought. The best I can think of is that it’s in the middle of the activity in the house — without actually getting in the way, for the most part. She finds a way to make it comfortable.


Very Relaxed Cat

Swimming at the Lake

This past week I was on vacation. Our plan was to stay home, and every day I would take Mo to a nearby lake for swim lessons. The weather didn’t want to cooperate and it was colder than I liked, but we persisted and made it every day.

Mo Swimming

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Clo came with us. On Tuesday CDF was supposed to go to the beach with Clo, but plans fell through and we all went to the lake and made it family outing. Wednesday Clo was just looking so disappointed about not going that I decided to take her. We didn’t get as much swimming practice in that day, but they had fun playing.

Swimming in the lake

Friday was supposed to be the day Mo showed how much she had learned, but we didn’t quite make it to where she is able to swim, but she is much more comfortable in the water and can hold her breath under water for two or three seconds now. So Friday we spent more time playing around. CDF and I swam out to the raft in the middle of the lake and dove back off into the water. Then I went and tried to dive from the diving board (and failed) at the tower. I finally made somewhat of a dive off the side, but I’m better when I’m close to the water. CDF showed me how it should be done from the diving board!

At the lake

Challenged Books

Last month NPR ran an interview with author Toni Morrison about the topic of banned (or challenged) books. More recently I was reading an article in a home school magazine about a similar topic which directed me to the American Library Association’s web site for more information on books that have been challenged. These two were from opposite view points, so I wanted to look at the information myself. I’ve generally been against censorship, especially because of the examples of how it was used against Christianity in communist countries during the 1980’s and before. So I was somewhat surprised to find out that this is something completely different.

Following the ALA link above, you can look at what books were challenged and why. The majority last year were challenged because of sexual content, violence, or because they were not appropriate for the age group. I was surprised. I expected something about politics or religion to trigger the challenge. I would consider that to be unfair. Instead I see books that fall into an X-rated category being rated as such. Hardly censorship in my understanding.

Even more impressive is the report on who initiated the challenges. The largest category for 2000-2005 was parents! They initiated 1824 challenges. The next group, “Other,” was less than a quarter of that. Patrons of the institution and Administrators came in third and fourth, both with less than 300 challenges. Religious groups had only 18. So it seems to me that parents are doing a good job of taking responsibility for their child’s education. In fact another chart shows that most challenges occur at public school, which is what one would expect when parents take an interest in what their children are learning.

So while I support freedom of speech, and object strongly to the type of censorship we see in Iran, Russia, and even sometimes here, this is not the same. A parent has the right to object to their child reading a book with the equivalent of X-rated sex scenes. There will be plenty of time for the child to read such material as an adult — when it may be more appropriate — if they so choose. To call this censorship just makes the ALA look silly.

Considering the Modern Church

I’ve been reading Sean Tucker’s blog recently, in which he muses on the modern church, and especially on how the mainline churches have moved away from the Bible and toward their own idea of religion. So far I find myself agreeing with many of his observations. I feel blessed that I’ve found two churches (Emmanuel and New Covenant in my area that teach truth from the Bible (and challenge the members to live by that truth). But will people who are disillusioned like Sean turn toward a church affiliated with a small reformed denomination? Reading his posts have made me consider what I can do to reach out to people hungry for the truth of Christ.



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A couple days ago we put out some fresh black oil sunflower seeds in the feeder from my Grandfather. Today at lunch we had a pair of American Goldfinches visit. They are supposed to be common in eastern North Carolina, but this is the first time we’ve seen them around the house.

Pullen Park Again

Again the girls are at Pullen Park–this time with [jModule]. Apparently they decided to follow the railroad and see where it leads. And the last picture is just a cute picture of the girls being loving to one another.


Following the Railroad

On the Bridge

More Silly Goodnight

CE often likes to put a stuffed animal on her head before she goes to sleep. The other night I finally had a chance to grab the camera and take a picture. She was happy to pose.


A Sheep on her Head