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Yesterday was a day of calamity for the girls — to put it dramatically. CE usualy is the one getting hurt, Calamity could be her name. But yesterday started off with MD.

I got a call from CDF around 10am. MD had been bitten or stung on the foot while playing in the back yard. She didn’t see what it was, but it left a red welt that was starting to swell. CDF checked the area for a black widow spider, but found nothing, so I think it was most likely a wasp that stung her. It was painful for a while, but CDF put on some cream that helped the stinging go away.

So when I got home that evening everything was going fine, until after supper, as we were getting ready to go outside, CE tripped over her feet and fell into an ottoman. It’s about 18 inches tall with padding on the top. She missed the padding and hit her head on the corner of the wood. I heard her start screaming and by the time I had picked her up a “goose-egg” was already growing on her forehead. She didn’t like having a cold rag on the bump, so we gave her some infant tylonol and let her lay on the couch for a few minutes.

They’re both feeling better today.

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