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2008 SEDUG Conference

Last week we went down to Myrtle Beach for the SouthEast Datatel Users Group conference at the Hilton there. Once again it was cold and windy so we didn’t spend much time outside, and never walked on the beach. The closest we got was the patio that looked over the beach. Even then it was getting cold.

CDF and the girls did a lot of shopping on Thursday while I attended the conference sessions. Neither MD or CE felt like taking a nap, so they were on the go most of the day. They slept well at night, even though CE cried for about five minutes before going to sleep.

Some of the conference sessions were interesting (such as the new Colleague Studio plugin for the Eclipse IDE), but as Ravi said, the conference was for a break from work, not for learning. 😉 Also I got to attend one session in the Dunes room at the top of the hotel, which has a wonderful view of the beach.

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