What Happened at McDonalds

This evening I took MDF and CEF to McDonalds to support a friends school (buy something and part of the proceeds goes to the school). After realizing the school was in Rocky Point but the restaurant was in Burgaw (I’ll not go into that) we eventually arrived.

At first everything was OK. We talked to the Harrells briefly and ordered M&M Fluries. But on the way to the playground outside MDF spotted the “Hamburgler” and that purple guy. They were walking around the store greeting the children, but MDF didn’t want anything to do with them. She started crying and I had to hurry her out.

She tried to play on the playground, but she spotted the costumed people going out to the road and I heard her start wailing somewhere up in the jungle gym. She made it out and had to sit with me for a while and eat some ice cream.

When her friend started boasting about hugging the purple guy, it just made MDF want to go home. So we made our way through the store — she covered her eyes as we passed the “Hamburgler” — and said goodbye to the Harrell family. A couple of people tried to talk to CEF, but that just made her cry. So I hurried them both out of the restaurant and back to the van.

On the way home MDF said she would just laugh at those silly people, but she didn’t want to go back. We could go home and finish our ice cream instead.