Vacation at Atlantic Beach

Last week we had our vacation at a resort where Stephanie and Vasco had a timeshare week to spend. The resort was on Ft Macon Road, a little more than half way between Atlantic Beach and Ft. Macon. Our room was at the back of the resort looking out over the dunes to the beach.


Family photo on the beach

There were two pools, indoor and outdoor, and the outdoor one had a big water slide. We spent a lot of time at the outdoor pool (almost every morning after it opened at 10:00). We all enjoyed the water slide. One would ride down in big inflated tubes. MDF only rode in CDF or my lap, except for a couple of times when she borrowed Abigails small floaty ring. The first few times I rode down the slide with MDF I tipped over when we hit the water at the bottom, but eventually I figured it out and we had a great time Tuesday and Wednesday sliding down again and again.


CEF in the shallow end

Down the waterslide

In the afternoons we’d normally walk down the boardwalk to the beach and the girls would play in the surf. Tuesday afternoon we went to the Dairy Queen just across the bridge in Morehead City, then went to the beach after we got back. Wednesday we went shopping, and then walked on the beach after supper.


Two girls in the sand

MDF enjoying the beach

Thursday, our last night, we went to Morehead City again to try to visit the “Waterfront Shopping” area. There wasn’t much too it and so we left quickly and went over to Beaufort. We did some window shopping and stopped in at the General Store where Stephanie and CDF got bottle water and a couple of other things. On the way back we stopped at the Sanitary Fish Market for dinner. When we left there we had to wait for a freight train leaving the port. The engine was black and MDF said it was the bad engine from the book, Little Engine that Could. It was bad because it refused to help “pull the train cars holding toys and fruit for the little boys and girls on the other side of the mountain…” We spotted the little blue engine (the good one) back at the rail yard — it was one of the small diesel switchers, which is very close to what it was in the book.


Fort Macon

CEF in the pool again

Friday morning we packed up and left around 10:00. It had been a great week but we were all ready to get back home and get back to our regular routines.