Two Years Old

MDF turned two today! Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with a party and invited a bunch of people. Of the friends her age we invited Alex and Alison Shultz, Tyler and Anna Kate Kilpatrick, and Nicholas Croom. We also invited the Moores, Mrs. Joy, and all our extended family.


Picnic in the Kitchen

I think everything went really well. Because of the rain, we had the picnic inside on the kitchen floor, and they had peanut butter and jelly “uncrustable” sandwiches, chips, and cake. CDF made up some punch too for everyone to drink.


Eating Cake

MDF got a lot of nice presents. She got at least two kitchen toy sets, four wooden puzzles, a rain jacket, some books, and a singing caterpillar toy made by Leap Frog. CDF also gave her the bug/Clifford quilt she had made a while back. And my parents gave her the children’s Bible we had picked out.


All Her Presents

Also I want to mention the two cakes CDF made. After a lot of hard work she finally turned out two very pretty cakes (I helped by frosting them!).


The Birthday Girl Turns Two Cake

The Pooh Birthday Cake