Supper and Girls Night Out

Last night CDF had a “girls night out” with Kristen. They went to the Atlanta Bread Company restaurant at Mayfair. CDF said they had a great time and only left because the restaurant was getting ready to close.

Last night was also the only day that we could find to invite Dom and Heidi over for supper. It worked out though. I made tacos, and CDF doesn’t really care for them anyway. On a side note the tacos came out really well. I used the McCormicks taco mix in the meat and had cheese, sour cream, and salsa as toppings.

MDF was wound up already from playing during the afternoon, and it kept on during the evening. She had a blast being silly with Dom, and playing with Heidi.

But even though MDF played hard during the evening, she was very good about winding down. We had a snack like usual at 7:40, and then I put her in bed at 8:00. She asked for her babies, but then only made noises — not crying, just talking — for about ten minutes.

Overall, it was great evening.