Sunday Afternoon With Dad

Yesterday afternoon CDF went with her mother to pick up Mrs. Joy from the airport. So MDF and I had the afternoon together. CDF left from the church and I headed home with MDF in the van. On the way we sang the song, “Deep and Wide,” that MDF had learned that morning while in the Nursery with CDF. I’m still amazed at how fast she learns and retains things.

We had ham, noodles, and corn for lunch, and despite her protests about the noodles, she ate pretty well. We had mango cake with cherry ice cream on top, and she like the pineapples in the cake the most.

After lunch she took a nap and I watched Lord of the Rings (pt 3) for a couple of hours (and still didn’t finish it… that’s a long movie). After nap, she was ready to go out an play in the sand box. CDF had set out the beach umbrella so she could play out there and not get sunburned.


MDF loves to play in the sand (June 11)

We played for a good while, and she didn’t stop even when Pop and Ruth stopped by for a visit. Eventually though it was time to go inside and get something to drink. Then, after cleaning off her feet, she went inside and played with Ruth (and got her to read books).


Making sure they’re clean.

Later that afternoon MDF and I went for a walk around the block. Actually we first went down toward the hospital to the empty lot to find blackberries (“black raisins” according to MDF). Then we went down S Walker and to the first right after Campbell Street. There are some nice houses down that street, including a very cute, tiny, two story house that looks like it dates back to colonial times. I’m sure it’s not more than a thousand square feet, and maybe smaller.


Afternoon Walk

On a side note, MDF missed her mommy all afternoon. She actually talked to CDF on the phone — more than she’s ever talked on the phone — and MDF couldn’t get enough of her when CDF finally got home at 6:45 PM. She just wanted to hug CDF and sit on her nap.