Stawberry Picking

This weekend we went to Lewis’ strawberry farm to see if their strawberries were ripe enough to pick and for CDF to get some parsley plants. The berries were ready and so after CDF got her plant we grabbed our buckets (one big one and one little one for MDF) and went out to the field. The first row we were directed to was kind of bare and a lot of the berries were still unripe. But the workers let us go down another row that had lots of big red berries. We got a bucket full of nice berries and managed to keep MDF from eating them.

Actually MDF did a great job of self-control. She really wanted to eat a berry, but we kept telling her that we had to wash them first. She even tried to convince me that pretending to wash them (“Wash, wash”) would work, but we persisted and she did wait until we got home to eat any.

After we were done picking, we got some ice cream: chocolate for CDF and vanilla for MDF. I shared with each of them. We sat at a round umbrella picnic table and ate most of the ice cream, and then finished it on the way home.