Singletary Lake

For CE’s birthday we had planned on going to the beach. But with a storm churning off the coast, the water was too rough to get in. Instead we decided to go to a lake where we could get in the water. One such lake not too far away was Singletary Lake State Park. We had never visited it, but it looked interesting.

We missed the entrance on the way their — actually passed it by because it said “Group Camping,” but it turns out the park is dedicated to camping and they only allow visitors when the park hasn’t been reserved. But we found the office and they gave us the key to get in the main gate. Once in we had the entire park to ourselves.

We walked a little on the main trail, but the girls really just wanted to go to the lake, so we turned back and headed to the pier.


The weather was just right for wading in the water, so we all left our shoes on the pier and got in the shallow water. The lake bottom was sandy around the shore and stayed shallow for a long way out. CE was not happy with the texture under her feet, but got used to it after a while. MD was ready to explore right away.


Later I went back for the picnic bag and the girls went out the pavilion at the end of the pier. We sat on the benches there and ate our sandwiches. At the end CE gave us a scare by running up to the edge of the dock and almost falling in (the water was over 6 feet deep there).


We had a great time and during lunch were scheming on how to get enough people to reserve the park for a weekend.


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