Sing About It

MDF has found her voice. Actually she has been vocal for a long time. She started babling quite early if I remember correctly. Then for a while she seem to slack off. But now she’s getting more and more vocal. She can growl, say da, ba, or ma sounds, squeal, and “sing” in a high pitch that almost fades out of hearing range sometimes.

It’s quite funny at times. CDF or I can get her started by saying “da, da, da” (with exagurated mouth movements) and she’ll start saying the same thing back, like she’s having a conversation. Also CDF has started growling with her, and they go back and forth.

Another development is that we’ve “taught” her to “talk” on the telephone. She has a toy phone that rolls along the ground, and it has a red plastic handset that she can hold up to her ear — which she does now! I doubt she realizes what one does with a phone, but she knows to hold it up to her ear. What have we started?!

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