She’s Talking More

A few months ago MDF learned how to say and sign airplane whenever she saw or heard one fly over our house. And she’s continued to be interested in airplanes. More recently she learned to say “airport,” but I can’t tell if she understands anything other than airplane and airport are associated together. Regardless, I tell her the airplanes are going to the airport whenever they fly over our house.

Then the other day we were driving to Walmart, going down S. College, when an airplane when by overhead on its way to the airport. We pointed it out to MDF and she started saying “airplane,” and “airport.”

Then all of a sudden she said “Airport, where are you?”

I asked CDF, “Has she ever … ?”


It was the first time we’d ever heard her say a phrase like that. Since then she’s learned to say “where are you” about other things (Dixie, Foo Food, baby, etc). It’s really funny what ends up being her firsts.