Retirement Party and Other Things

We went up to Jacksonville this past Saturday. CDF and Stephanie were throwing a retirement party for Carolyn at New River Baptist. We got up there around noon and went by Party Suppliers to pickup some balloons. There was a little mix-up about where to pick up the balloons, first CDF tried Michael’s, but they don’t sell balloons to begin with. So then she tried Party Suppliers two doors down and discovered it was the correct place. Anyway, once we got the balloons to the church, and MDF helped me tie them to the weights around the fellowship hall, MDF, CEF and I went over to my parents to visit while CDF stayed to get everything ready.

We visited and played for a while. CEF did not want me to leave her alone and cried whenever I got out of her sight. After lunch it was better, and she crawled around on the floor and played with Little People while I played HeroQuest with some of the other guys (MDF participated too for a while and played the spiders).

We were almost late getting back to the church. I didn’t count on how long it would take to pack up. But I was right about how long it would take to drive back. So we arrived a minute before 5 o’clock (when the party was supposed to start). Fortunately Roy and Carolyn didn’t get there until 5:30 (which now I think was the plan), so we had time to get settled.

It was a very nice party. A number of people who had worked with Carolyn stood and gave a speech. CDF and her sisters had made more than enough food and plenty of dessert. CDF didn’t like how the cake decoration had turned out. It was supposed to be a beach scene, but she didn’t like the end result. I thought it looked home-made, and didn’t find out until later that it was supposed to be a professional job. It still tasted fine.

We got home about 9:00 and both girls were wiped out. Especially since neither had had naps that afternoon.