Pictures of Downtown

I took a stroll downtown during my lunch break (actually it was last month, May 17) and took the camera to try to get some pictures that captured a little of what I see everyday working in Wilmington.



I still find it difficult to picture how scenes will look to the camera lens. Supposedly our eyes have the same field of view as a 38mm lens (or 50mm if you’re talking about a single eye). But sometimes I feel like I make a better match with a 400mm lens, because I selectively focus on an interesting subject and tune out the rest of the view. If I stop to pay attention to what’s around the subject that caught my interest, I realize that there’s a whole lot of detail (i.e. clutter) that would show up if I took the picture and the original subject would end up lost in all that clutter. Maybe now that I’m realizing how I’m “seeing,” I can start working on finding better views, especially finding perspectives that simplify the background and cut out the clutter.

I don’t always get it wrong. I think the following picture came out well. I was interested in the texture of the water and how the buoy and anchor contrasted with, and reflected on the water.


Buoy on the Cape Fear River