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No Lights

I woke up last night to CDF asking me for the flash light. It was about midnight and the house was unusually silent — I could hear the crickets outside. It took me a minute to realize that my eyes were open because it was so dark. I don’t mind sleeping without any light, but I’ve gotten used to the four night lights we have around the house.

Fortunately MD didn’t wake up. I was worried she would wake and be scared once she realized her lighthouse was not lit. The other one woke up a couple of times when her pacifier fell out of the crib, but once I stumbled around and found it everything was OK again.

The dog was funny. I heard her sniffing her way down the hall and the thought of her using her nose to guide her was quite amusing — even if it isn’t quite true.

Then around 12:30 the power came back on halfway (like a brown out) and I was able to make a note of the time. A little bit later it was off again. Then finally in the early morning it came back on fully.

That was just in time for a big thunderstorm. Halfway through the storm the power went out again (apparently after a really close lightning strike). There was a lot of lightning and I was very surprised that neither daughter woke up.

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