MDF’s Birthday Party

We had MDFs big birthday party yesterday. CDF had invited a lot of MDFs friends, although many of them were not able to make it. But we did have a good crowd, even if it was mostly adults.

CDF made a doll cake and a flat cake, both strawberry flavored with vanilla frosting decorated with pink sprinkles. She and MDF had picked all this out a while back.


The Doll Cake

MDF’s birthday party theme was “Princesses” and we had planned on having a dress-up party before the birthday party, but the ones invited were not able to make it. But we still let MDF wear her dress for the rest of the party. CDF had gotten her a Cinderella dress, and this was the first time she had worn it. Of course she liked it very much.


She Loves Her Cinderella Dress

MDF got a lot of presents yesterday, more than we expected. She got some ponies from Heidi, a growth chart from Dom and Amber, a tea set from Galina, a story/song book from Lauren Moore, an alphabet puzzle from Skyler, a book from Mrs. Joy, and boots and an outfit from Janet.


Eating Cake

Over all I think MDF had a great third birthday party.