Looking at Houses

CDF has been thinking about moving for a while now. I don’t remember for sure when she started, but recently we’ve been looking at houses (more than half seriously). Part of what has prompted us is the way the housing market is going right now. It looks like we could sell our house very quickly and probably for the price we asked (looking at $110K right now). So we know we could sell our house, the question was, could we find a house we liked for a price we liked.

We’ve been looking in Burgaw and Rocky Point, since in those places the houses come with more land than in New Hanover, and we want at least half an acre. Last night we looked at a cute little house in downtown Burgaw. The people living there did nothing to get ready for our visit and it was very junky, but the house itself looks like it has a lot of potential — a lot of work to do, but it could be very nice. CDF is going to look at it again today.