Doctor Visits

It’s a GIRL!

We had another sonogram on Friday (May 9) and it was the day we were going to find out if our baby was a boy or a girl… at least we hoped the tech would be able to see what it was. We did have a question about what would happen if the u-cord was in the wrong place, could it confuse the tech?

Anyway, the exam took a while while the tech took measurements and pictures of the baby’s limbs and head and spine. It was somewhat disconcerting to watch her focus the ultrasound beam on features *inside* the baby’s body… almost like having x-ray vision (well actually it’s probably the same effect).

Finally the tech asked if we were ready to find out. No need to ask that. 🙂 A minute more and then, it’s a girl! It’s still only an 85% chance that she is a girl, but if nothing else it’s better than the 50% chance up until now. 😉

I have no doubt that MD is going to be a beautiful little terror. Just like her mother was (and is).