Friday In Jacksonville

This past weekend I took off Friday so I could go to Jacksonville with CDF and the girls. CDF, Stephanie, and Carolyn were going shopping and I went along so I could visit Matthew while they were out and about. MDF went with CDF and I took CEF.

First we went over to my parent’s house so they could watch CEF while Matt and I went out. I picked up Matt around Noon and we went over to Books-a-Million. Somehow he scraped a finger so after running through the rain into the store we had to run back to the car and go find a CVS to purchase bandaids. Once he was finally fixed up we went back and browsed the magazines for a while.

I dropped him back off at his house around 2 PM and then went to pick up CEF. She had been a good baby. Ivan had fed her a bottle around 1 PM, and then she was sitting with my Mother while they ate lunch.

We stayed to eat supper with CDF’s family (Chinese), and after that we headed home. It was still raining, but not too hard. We got home in time to put the girls to bed close to the normal time.