Fish Pond… with Sharks!

After reading a book about turtles, MDF asked about what different animals eat. We got around to fish, and she asked if they eat mosquitoes. I told her they did, if they mosquitoes were in a pond big enough to hold fish.

As we drank water before she went to bed, she had an idea.

“Dad. If we take the sand out of my turtle… and put water in it… we could have a pond.”

“That’s a good idea,” I said.

“Then we could have sharks, and…” She never did say what else we would put in the pond, I guess the sharks took up all the room.

Among Other Things

After CEF had a bath tonight she was rubbing her feet on her bouncy seat like she often does, and she either developed a blister, or popped one that was already there. Anyway, once it popped, she would cry every time it touched something. It didn’t help that she when she gets mad, she likes to kick her feet. It was only getting worse.

So after changing her diaper, I put a band-aid over the open blister. It helped some, though if she kicks her feet hard enough it still seems to hurt. MDF was very concerned about the band-aid (as well as the blister), and she kept telling CEF that the band-aid would help the blister feel better.

MDF asked about fish eating mosquitoes, and then came up with a plan for a fish pond in our back yard.