Rambling Thoughts

Favorite Season

I think fall is my favorite season of the year. The others have their good points, but fall takes the cake. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it all the changes combined: the cooling temperature, now it’s dark at supper time, the leaves are changing and falling off, the anticipation of the holidays, etc.

I always want to be outside more once the summer heat is gone. I start wanting to go on walks again, especially in the country (or woods). Spring is next best for this sort of thing, but there are fewer pests in the fall.

The past couple of days I have really noticed that it has started getting darker at supper time. Of course the time change on Oct 31st is a big factor, but it’s still been a noticeable change in the past week. Tonight CDF had a candle burning on the dinner table and some music playing. Only one light was on in the living room and it gave the house that wonderfully cozy atmosphere that fall and early winter have. Maybe it was a pre-holiday feeling, festive but still restful.

I?m sure the holiday memories play a part in the way I feel about fall. Between my birthday in late October, and then spending time with the family at Thanksgiving, as well as the anticipation for Christmas time, it all plays a part in bringing in good memories and feelings this time of the year.