Around the House

False Alarm

This morning, at around 4 AM, the fire alarms went off! I was out of bed and down the hall before I realized there was no smoke. CDF and MDF went to the front door anyway while I grabbed the fire extinguisher and checked out the house. My next thought was that one of the batteries had died. A couple of days ago I had realized it was past time to change them.

We only had one battery. I changed the apparent culprit in MDF’s room. But a few minutes later they went off again… so with no more batteries I unpluged the one in our room (which stopped the ringing and seemed to confirm my suspecion that it was a low battery problem). It was time for a trip to the store.

I headed to Food Lion hoping it was a 24 hour store… nope. Then I saw Harris Teeter with it’s sign proclaiming “Open 24 Hours.” Three 9-volt batteries coming up. By the time I got back and replaced the batteries it was already 5 o’clock in the morning. Fortunately the alarms were happy again and have kept quiet all day.

One thing to note, MDF was undisturbed by the commotion and didn’t really wake up until CDF had carried her to the living room. At her age I guess it was a good thing.