Daughters Wife

Coloring the Walls

The other day CDF sent this email about the girls:

I was in my room for a bit too long this afternoon apparently. My youngest child had decided to color on the living room wall in a corner she likes to hide in. I have very pale green walls & she her color of choice was purple. It was my fault for letting her have a crayon in the first place & not seeing the future that she will one day do this. So, I couldn’t get that upset, though I did pop her hand & tell her that what she has done is not good.

I then grabbed a magic eraser & sat down to do the cleaning. My oldest stood over me & asked if that had baking soda in it. I said no. “Well, you need baking soda, Momma. Baking soda works. You should use baking soda. Do we having baking soda?” I got a little irritated at my 4 1/2 year old domestic goddess telling me what I needed to use when what I had was doing just fine! The crayon came off the wall without taking my paint too!

As I was telling my husband about what happened, he made the remark, “She remembers. That’s good.” I had no clue what he was talking about…who remembered what?! Apparently, my quiet, nothing bothers him husband had found my now domestic goddess coloring on her walls during nap time one day. And he dampened a washcloth & sprinkled baking soda over it & made her clean the walls.

I have laughed so hard over the fact that he thought to do this & never told me about it!! He dealt with it & it was over. But that my oldest remembers how to clean crayon off the wall is wonderful. Now, I don’t mind her standing over my shoulder telling me what to use. She may know something I don’t!!! Laughing

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