Christmas is over but we had a wonderful time this holiday season. As MDF is getting older she’s able to enjoy it more and more.

This year we followed advent with a calendar and candles. At supper CDF would light the advent candles on the dining room table and then at bedtime we’d let MDF open the window on the calendar for that day. We also made sure we read the Christmas story to her.

We aren’t “doing Santa” in that we’re not leading her to believe that Santa brings her presents, but I am (we are) trying to keep it a neutral “story” so she doesn’t “spoil” it for other kids who’s parents like to “pretend.” She has been asked if Santa brought her any toys, and she told us that Santa could come over and play with her new toys. It’s hard to know how to respond to that.

We spent Christmas Eve over at my parents house and then came back to Wilmington for the Christmas Eve service at Emmanuel. Then Sunday we went up to CDF’s parents’ house. Unfortunately I think we over-did things for MDF and wore her out. It took her at least two days to recover.


By Christmas afternoon MDF was tired.

Update (2006-01-26): We decorated the outside of our house with lights, and one night when MDF wanted to go outside and play I took the picture below. It was cold enough to wear jackets, but MDF liked running around with just the light coming from the decorations.


Christmas Lights