She’s got the hang of it now. All around the living room, down the hall, back up the hall, into the kitchen. She is crawling everywhere. She’s not very speedy while you’re watching her, but don’t take you eyes off for long, ’cause she’ll move faster than you think.

She’s also starting to pull up. She hasn’t been successful on the coffee table seen in the picture below (as far as I know), but she can stand in her crib, and with the footstools in the living room.


Sing About It

MDF has found her voice. Actually she has been vocal for a long time. She started babling quite early if I remember correctly. Then for a while she seem to slack off. But now she’s getting more and more vocal. She can growl, say da, ba, or ma sounds, squeal, and “sing” in a high pitch that almost fades out of hearing range sometimes.

It’s quite funny at times. CDF or I can get her started by saying “da, da, da” (with exagurated mouth movements) and she’ll start saying the same thing back, like she’s having a conversation. Also CDF has started growling with her, and they go back and forth.

Another development is that we’ve “taught” her to “talk” on the telephone. She has a toy phone that rolls along the ground, and it has a red plastic handset that she can hold up to her ear — which she does now! I doubt she realizes what one does with a phone, but she knows to hold it up to her ear. What have we started?!

Energetic Baby

Last night the baby was moving around again. She (85% 😉 would kick and move when ever CDF laid on her side. I was about asleep when CDF woke me because the kicking tickled. She put my hand under her belly where the baby was kicking the most. Right before I fell asleep again (not intentionally mind you) I felt a bump-bump-bump. CDF burst out laughing again, saying it felt somewhere in between having a cramp and being tickled.

Silly baby. 🙂

She’s Kickin’

Yesterday was the first time I felt our baby kick. I may have felt her before, but there was no mistaking it this time. 🙂 She’s been getting more active every day… and stronger too.

Also, when my wife and I were in bed, we placed a bookmark on her belly and watched as it bounced from the baby moving and kicking. Feisty little girl.