6-Hour Trips at the Drop of a Hat

We went to Virgina this weekend. A town called Dublin, in the mountains. All this was decided Friday morning and we were on the road by one o’clock in the afternoon. We had talked on and off about going to CDF’s family reunion and generally decided not to go until the very last minute. It all worked out well though and CDF got to spend time with the family she wanted to see.

We did have some excitement on the trip. On the drive up we got stuck in traffic on Hwy 52 just outside Winston Salem. Then on the way back it was raining and kept getting worse until we were driving past Greensboro at 45 mph. Then MDF cried for 45 minutes when we had an hour left to get home.

The reunion was at a park in Dublin. A nice one, with a pool, four baseball diamonds, trails, playground, and picnic shelters. We were in a gazebo near the back of the park that was situated on a little hill.

We ate lunch at the same table as Dick Beam and CDF talked a good while with Dorthy Beam. Near the end I talked with cousin Lewis about his laptop and then about his university computer systems (he’s the Dean of Libraries at a state university [I think]). MDF played a lot and eventually wore herself out and slept for a while.

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