Last Words

MDF is sitting in front of a samurai statue that is supposedly “lord” of Kintai or the Kintai Samurai & it is also in front of a cherry blossom tree in full bloom!


The next picture is of a group of ladies that were providing a dance show. These are not the same ladies in the kimonos–but we did enjoy their performance.


And I got to take a picture with one of them. She really liked MDF & Abigail. MDF was too shy to have her picture taken with the lady & Abigail was asleep & didn’t notice the touching the lady did on her face.


And finally we are back to me & JF & MDF on the Kintai Bridge. The were a number of photographers taking pictures on the bridge & as MDF & I were watching the kimono ladies leave JF told me to hold still my picture was being taken—by 3-4 Japanese men! One of them took this photo.


Now, once we got off the bridge, there were little shops down by the water’s edge. I have drooled over some shoes they have here that are made of wood & are sandals. Every shop had them but they were $14.00 (1400 yen) and I only had about $5 worth. Well, there was this one shop that didn’t have a price and as I was holding a pair the lady came up to me. I asked how much & she held up 2 fingers and said 2 yen. I thought I had 2 yen! I had 2 100 pieces so I got excited. Held out to make sure & she shook her head no. We tried to get it right. She called a lady over & she brought with her a 1000 bill. I said no–and showed them all the money I had. Explained that I couldn’t purchase & I’d put them back. The shop lady held the shoes–finger over mouth (shhh) & motioned for the other lady to wrap them…hands motioning to go & be quiet. I thanked her in Japanese & walked off. I got my shoes for $5.00!!! Talk about being happy–my second purchase alone.
The afternoon has been subdued. MDF, Abigail & I took a nap and then JF & I finished up on some packing. Stephanie & I watched the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and we’ve had dinner. The vacation is coming to a close. I’m dreading the flight back because it is so long but also ready to be home in one way. Then again, by us having to leave; we also have to leave Stephanie, Vasco & baby Abigail. I’ve had a bit of homesickness (for the first time in my travels that I can remember) but I’ve enjoyed our visit. I hate to leave them but it is something we must do. Hopefully they will be able to come to the States before Abigail gets to be too big for a visit on their own. But then again, now that I know the flight–I also understand why they don’t come more often. Aside from how much it costs! We won’t go into that one.
It has truly been an experience & I can now put faces with names, places they frequent & food they talk about. I’m glad we made the trip & I grew wings & flew!
The next time you hear from me I’ll be home in Wilmington & getting back to my routine of life. Actually, I’ll be packing up our home & getting ready for a move. Don’t fear we are not moving here–they don’t have big enough yards. We are moving to Burgaw. We have put our house under contract while we have been here & move April 16th.
Hope you have enjoyed our visit right along with us. It’s been nice to hear from those that have responded back.