Kintai Area

Hello! This is our last outing here in Japan. We leave for the shin train in the early tomorrow morning to start the long journey home. Thankfully it will not be another 14 hour flight–just 13 this time. Daylight savings time is wonderful!
We went back to the Kintai Bridge area today to look through the shops & catch sight of the cherry blossom trees that are in bloom. They will be beautiful on Tuesday or so of next week, so we are missing them in full bloom but we were able to see some. The morning was a bit overcast but dry with a hint of a chill. Plus, we were right on the Nishi River.
We found a great spot to view the Kintai Bridge & the river & took the first two pictures. MDF has really taken to her Uncle Vasco (Unce Basco as she calls him) and I’m afraid will be lost when we get on the shin in the morning. This morning before we ever got dressed to go to breakfast, she had him reading “Mouse on the Moon” to her. They play together & do really fun things together. She’s sure gonna miss him & I think he’ll miss her a little too. It will be awful quiet around the house when he comes home & in the middle of the night–(she has woken the house up a few times between 11-1 screaming for no reason!–bad dream). So the third picture is of the two of them playing run down the hill. She liked to run down to the bushes & beyond that is the river…so he positioned himself to “catch” her & let me feel safe about her running down. She would run into his arms & he’d “throw” her in the air. Tons of giggles & laughter.

Just two

Posing at the bridge

MDF and Vasco playing