Three Days to Go

We’re getting excited. The prospect of getting up at 4:00 in the morning is not exciting, but I’m looking forward to going anyway.

We went by Wilmington’s airport this past weekend to let MDF look at the airplanes landing and hopefully get her accustomed to the noise, and just introduce her to the airport before we go to Raleigh. Then also, she likes airplanes and has been talking about the airport for at least a month or two. We only got to see one plane land (and it wasn’t very loud either) and then when the sun went behind the trees it started getting cold and we had to leave before we could see another land.

The Week Before

We have a week to go until we leave for Japan. Among other things, I’m getting this journal ready for me to write in while we’re gone. I had thought about using the main web site to post entries, but then decided it would be easier to use this blog set up on my other server.

So this will be the main focus for pictures and journal entries while we’re gone.