She’s Kickin’

Yesterday was the first time I felt our baby kick. I may have felt her before, but there was no mistaking it this time. 🙂 She’s been getting more active every day… and stronger too.

Also, when my wife and I were in bed, we placed a bookmark on her belly and watched as it bounced from the baby moving and kicking. Feisty little girl.

Never so Happy To Gain Weight

My wife was quiet tickled at our last doctor appointment. She had gained 7 lbs. since the last visit (three, or so, weeks ago)! Considering that the same amount she’s gained over the past three years, you can see why she was happy. Especially since she had lost a few pounds from morning sickness (she had gained them back by April, but hadn’t made any significant gains since then).

So she’s right on track and staying healthy. She’s even got a small belly showing now. 🙂

It’s a GIRL!

We had another sonogram on Friday (May 9) and it was the day we were going to find out if our baby was a boy or a girl… at least we hoped the tech would be able to see what it was. We did have a question about what would happen if the u-cord was in the wrong place, could it confuse the tech?

Anyway, the exam took a while while the tech took measurements and pictures of the baby’s limbs and head and spine. It was somewhat disconcerting to watch her focus the ultrasound beam on features *inside* the baby’s body… almost like having x-ray vision (well actually it’s probably the same effect).

Finally the tech asked if we were ready to find out. No need to ask that. 🙂 A minute more and then, it’s a girl! It’s still only an 85% chance that she is a girl, but if nothing else it’s better than the 50% chance up until now. 😉

I have no doubt that MD is going to be a beautiful little terror. Just like her mother was (and is).

Back Pains

So the at the latest visit (May 2), the nurse was going through the initial check up and my wife mentioned having lower back pain. Somehow this made them suspect an infection (the kidneys?) and they needed another cup sample, uh, the last one wasn’t full enough. So we ended up sitting around for a while while she drank cups of water(!). Eventually they got their sample and decided she did have a UTI. The doctor proscribed antibiotics that she’ll need to take twice a day.

Headaches, Part Two

After my wife had problems with the left side of her vision blacking out, she had gone to the eye doctor near New Bern. They said she checked out okay, but needed to go to her regular doctor to be checked for Multiple Sclerosis (SP?), since the symptoms could indicate a possible case of MS.

So today she went to her doctor here in Wilmington and they said she was fine and not to worry. Unless the symptoms were more severe, the were sure it was only an atypical migraine causing the eye trouble.

The Baby’s Heartbeat

We had another appointment on April 4th. We didn’t know what to expect, it was supposed to be another routine check up.

When we got there we were told it would be a half hour wait since the doctor was still at the hospital. My time was limited so I started to get a little antsy (as much as I ever do ;). But we actually got shown back much sooner that I expected.

After being shuffled between a couple different rooms, we still were waiting for the Dr. to arrive. Finally a nurse came in and said that she was here.

I can’t remember the name of the Dr., but she was short, slim, and had short blonde hair. She was very nice, if a little distant. She answered my wife’s questions, and then said we were going to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. That was a pleasant surprise.

It took the Dr. a few minutes long than she expected to find the heartbeat, and she had about given up, when she finally found it. The baby’s heart was making a quick whooshing sound… about the speed you would expect your heart to be going after a good run (or a scare).

And that was then end of the appointment. We were out of their after only an hour and a half, so I wasn’t late getting back to work after all.


Yes, real headaches… and she can’t take any of her prescription migraine medicine (not that she ever did ;->) so when she got a bad headache last Friday there wasn’t much we could do. Fortunately she was able to call the doctor and get a prescription for another type of pill that was safe: a cocktail of Butalbital (for tension headaches), Acetaminophen, and Caffiene. Ha! How about take two Tylenol and drink a cup of Coffee? Seriously, it really helped.

But then on Sunday (yesterday), her vision started getting cloudy with dark spots, mainly on the left side. Her migraines have been on the left… so we don’t know if this is a symptom of the headaches or of the pregnancy. She’s going to an eye-doctor this afternoon.

Second Doctor Visit

This past Friday (3/7/03) we went in for the second doctor appointment. We were going to see the nurse-practitioner and then have a follow up ultrasound.

The nurse said CDF looked good and healthy. She gave us a few tips on what to do about nausea (avoid milk), but there’s no need to worry about a little nausea, not unless it lasts for six hours. CDF has been relating that bit of information as three hours, to keep her family from getting nervous — she says they’ll insist she will dehydrate long before that.

The baby has grown visibly. During the ultrasound, we were able to make out the head, body and limb-buds! It was actually a bonus that we got another ultrasound picture. Normally they wait until 20 weeks before taking any more pictures.

The First Doctor Appointment

The appointment was at 8:15am and we got there about then. We were the first people there actually. But we didn’t get called back until 8:45, after most of the others had already been called. The excuse was paperwork.

We started out with the ultrasound tech. I didn’t realize that they even did ultrasounds this early. It was fascinating to see the gray speck on the monitor that the tech said was our baby. Even better was when we saw the tiny heart beat — a little round flicker going at 156 BPM. Finally, after doing a lot of measurements and taking pictures, we got the infamous ultrasound picture to take home and show everybody*.

Next person we saw was a nurse who went over our medical history and gave us information. It’s a good thing a lot of it was written down, since I can’t remember a single helpful thing she said — at least right now.

Lastly CDF had some blood work done. She did very well.

* Apparently not everyone has heard the jokes about parents and their ultrasound pictures. I don’t remember where I heard them, but let me just say: No, you CAN’T tell if the baby resembles me yet.

Discovering we were pregnant.

Tuesday night, February 4, 2003, CDF commented that she was late on her period… more so that usual. For some reason or other, I had been paying attention as well but hadn’t wanted to say anything. What really got me suspicious was when she wanted Ice Cream a couple nights before, just out of the blue, and she normally refused my offer of ice cream for dessert.

So that night we went to WalMart, dodged a few fellows who were trying to buy condoms, and got a test. The next morning before I left for work, she took said test…

This wasn’t the first test we’d taken, but the first time she called me back to see. Neither of us were sure what to do or say next. As far as we knew, we were pregnant!